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Use Vertex Aeration Systems to reduce and prevent algae growth in ponds when combined with a chemical treatment that is non-toxic to aquatic life.

LEFT: Image depicts Day 1 of an algae covered pond we were asked to install an aeration system for combined with a chemical treatment for the Duckweed.

RIGHT: Image depicts pond on Day 10 after installing an aeration system and treating with chemicals.

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Irrigation Doctor Inc. is Minnesota’s only Vertex Dealer.  If you need design, installation, or service, we can help your project become a reality.  Vertex Water Features is a manufacturer and technology leader in the field of environmentally responsible tools to maintain the health of aquatic ecosystems. They are committed to the restoration and maintenance of both naturally occurring freshwater lakes and ponds, and man-made stormwater/pollution retention ponds.  Vertex bottom aeration systems naturally reduce algae, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide gases, phosphorus and nitrogen nutrient levels thereby reducing chemical applications while improving water quality, aesthetics and fisheries.

Vertex Water Features